In the Grim Darkness of the far future there is only war.

Under the shadow of the Great Capital Hive World Scintilla and the mysterious Lathes the Hive World Landunder has for millennia sat untouched by the influence of the Inquisition. At the behest of Planetary Governor Cortez Rallick the Inquisition has been called into address his feudal hives. Rallick, from his throne in Hive Enlil rules with ambiguity, the other seven Hives: Marduk, Kishar, Ea, Damnkina, Apsu, Anu, and Inanna each have their own sovereignty, often warring with one another.

A plague has stricken Landunder, the great chemical pools seeming to bring forth hordes of what were once citizens. With none of these sovereign states willing to address the issue, and walling up inside their own halls, the local PDF is being pushed to the limit.

Whatever Inquisitor wishes to address this sorry state of a planet will have to contest with the warring Hive states, the plague that is spreading at an alarming rate, and be able to unearth what secrets war has kept the locals from uncovering.

Let the Jackals Feed

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