Ishmael Tybalt

An adept with centuries of experience under he's belt, has turned Ishmael into an efficient if slightly bitter acolyte.


Ws 31 Bs 49 S 33 T 40 Ag 40 Int 65 Unat int x2 Per 61 Wp 50 Fel 35
Wounds 20
Corruption 7
Insanity 9
Fate 3


Notable skills. Unat Int, Conditioned Int. Wide spread Coraspondence, Peer Inqusition, Lore mastery
Psy lvl 2
Unatraul Aim, Knack, Distort

Combat style, Sits at the back with boltgun/pistol, casts Distort and unnataural aim, called shots TO THE FACE! He dosnt muck about. Not itended to be combat heavy but tough enough to get stuck in.


“I can see the Emperor has blessed you with faith that could rival any man, It’s a shame the Emperor didn’t bless you with Intelligence or common sense though, or you would of dealt with the situation as it was instead of as it is now! Now out of the way boy and let a real servant of the Inquisition sort out this mess for you”

Ishmael to an unknown Inquisitor

Ishmael is an old man. Very old. He has served the Inquisition since he’s mid twenty s and at 388 years old this puts over 3 and a half centuries of working against the enemy’s of humanity, and against the enemy within humanity.

Ishmael is still despite he’s age and thanks to rejuvenation still relatively fit and healthy, standing at around 5’11, with a lean wiry build. He’s white hair is cropped a few inches from the skull in a military cut, he’s face once reasonably handsome is sharp, with high cheek bones. The years have taken a toll, the wrinkles and scars that criss cross he’s face are a road map of a hard life. He’s eyes are a pale cold blue, they seem to shine with a fierce intelligence and determination.
Short on temper, short on patience, Ishmael does not like to be kept from he’s duty, or some interesting knowledge, or the bar. He has lost some faith in most of the organisation and institutions of the Imperium finding them slow, corrupt and the people more interested in there personal power then there job. Ishmael is old enough not to care what he says to anyone and will always speak he’s mind. He expects results and can be hard about them. He’s actions can be hard to understand sometimes, he can see patterns and results that others cant which leads him to act oddly, he always try to push the odds in the favour of people he respects. Earning said respect can be hard though.
Ishmael was born in to a middle class family on the planet of Scintilla. The second oldest in the family he had the luxury of choosing to attend the study courses of he’s choice growing up rather then being forced into the rather brutal world of stock and share trading he’s family was a part of. He studied an eclectic mix of psyince, history, philosophy and any subject he found of interest, he excelled in history, and logic. As a student he was know to be wild fire brand, often taking part in the various debates that are part of university life, he was also known as a trouble maker and a drunkard and occasionally a womaniser. He’s life of debauchery, academic discovery, and generly mucking about was put to a halt by a group of cults that were trying to destabilise the government on Scintilla, while investigating at the university, Ishmael was asked by members of the Inquisition to help with decoding cultist cypher. He’s skills were impressive enough to be considered by the Inquisition. Since then Ishmael has travelled the galaxy and back working in some form or another in the Inquisition, providing expert abilities. During this period he got to work with various parts of the Imperium, it’s where he built he’s dislike for corruption, incompatance, and the politicking that makes up so much of the inner structure if the Imperium, he grew to hate these basic failings almost as much as heretics and mutants. Over the years he has built up an understanding of the Imperium that lets him almost see the effects spreading out, if we fail here, then we fall here, here, and here. Being able to predict how many people will die if you fail in your duty is one of the main driving forces behind he’s actions “When the forces of chaos wipe out a million people that’s a tradergy, when a million are wiped out by incompatance that’s a Emporer damn farce” Ishmael in conversation with Interrogator (now Inquisitor) Xanatov. Eventually he found himself working with Inquisitors in ordos Malleus in small sect of like minded Inquisitors and acolytes. He has helped train several interrogators, intact several generations worth. He’s latest, (and the one he’s proudest of) is Isolde Xanatov. He in fact has a paternal affection for her, seeing her as the daughter he never had.

Ishmael Tybalt

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