Isolde Xanatov



Weapon Skill 41
Ballistic Skill 41
Strength 31
Toughness 29
Agility 44
Intelligence 50
Perception 54
Willpower 58
Fellowship 53

Wounds 22
Fate 3
Corruption 9
Insanity 11

Throne Gelt 2

Aquila necklace
Chaplet Ecclesiasticus (devotional icon-amulet)
Vestments (good quality) 1kg
4 x candles
Writing kit 2kg
Copy of the Rule of the Sororitas 0.5kg
Ring of Suffrage (charm)
Carapace Scale Armour with Hexagrammic Wards 6kg
Carapace Helm, Vambraces and Greaves 2kg, 2kg, 3kg
Inquisitorial Rosette
Digi-laser ring 0.1kg
Environmental Bodyglove 5kg
Serpentine power sword 1.5kg
Khayer-Addin forge ‘fate bringer’ long pistol, + red dot + silencer + shot selector 1.6kg +1.5kg
24 x manstopper rounds
24 x dumdum rounds
40 x standard rounds 2.816kg of ammo
weapon/gear storage 1kg
4 x mark III frag grenades 0.8kg p/u 3.2kg


Raised from a young age in a Schola Progenium school on Sinophia, Isolde has very little recollection of her parents. Instilled with a strong faith in the god Emperor and with little tolerance for personal weaknesses in those around her she was trained towards and inducted into the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Eternal Gate where she excelled in their specialist duty collecting relics and artifacts for the Ecclesiarchy.

Isolde’s first traumatic experience that set her on the path to the Inquisition occurred towards the end of her first 5 years of service with the Order. Whilst visiting the planet of Orbel Quill on a routine mission she began to perceive strange auras around the officials she was liaising with. Troubled by these visions she confided in her Sister Superior, expecting stern but caring counsel, but instead was spurned by her and the rest of the Order as a witch.

Struck with horror at the realisation of what she believed herself to have become and at being thrown out of the Order, Isolde set forth on a self-imposed penitence crusade as a lone and unsanctioned Sister Oblatia, throwing herself at the foes of the Imperium with no regard to herself. Her crusade lasted nearly a year, with several minor cults and heretics burning in her wake, culminated in her returning to Orbel Quill to confront the very cause of her grief.

Returning to Orbel Quill she pursued her strange visions, coming to understand that no matter how persecuted she felt because of her abilities, they were truly a gift from Him on Terra that she might better combat her foes. Learning to control her ability she was able to discern secrets even the best dissembler could not hide from her. Her investigations lead her to uncover a grand conspiracy involving the death from viral means of any citizen over the age of 40, which she found linked to Xenos ruins in the southern hemisphere. However before she could piece together the final pieces of the puzzle she was recalled to her sisters; time and thorough testing of her genes showing there to be no corruption inherent in her. Annoyed that she had not finished her investigations but overjoyed at the invitation to return, Isolde ventured back to the Order stronghold on Scintilla immediately.

The next 4 years of her service within the order were a mixed blessing as while she was accepted and once again felt part of the Order, her fellow Sisters looked upon her with equal parts disdain and pity for they knew there could only be one ending for those that claim to receive visions from the god Emperor. Steeling herself against her ultimate fate but happy in her faith, Isolde continued to perform admirably at her Order’s behest. Unaware that the reason for her recall was an Inquisitorial mandate so she could be better monitored, it was only when she began to manifest true psychic potential that the Inquisition swept in and inducted her into it’s ranks.

Isolde immediately underwent strict and potent training to control her abilities and put them to good use for the Inquisition, however she was still an unsanctioned psyker and before she could be officially put forwards for Interrogator training she had to make the long trek to distant and holy Terra. After a 4 year round trip and agonising experiences that left her vocal cords destroyed, she returned to her Inquisitor and was formally Inducted into the ranks of throne agents. Despite barely a year of training under her belt, the death of her Inquisitor propelled her into the limelight when she was put forwards for full Inquisitor status and, backed by the support of the venerable Sage Ishmael Tybalt several other Inquisitors, earned to right to bear the seal.

In just under a decade since then Isolde has forged strong ties within the Inquisition and has completed several missions of note, including her final return to Orbel Quill and a brutal confrontation with the foul Xenos behind the plot there. These acts have earnt her and a cadre of her closest throne agents the rights to a sole investigation of Landunder and the mysterious reports the Inquisition has been receiving from there.

Isolde Xanatov

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