Weapon Skill 37
Ballistic Skill 64
Strength 31
Toughness 44
Agility 64
Intelligence 31
Perception 48
Willpower 40
Fellowship 26

Wounds 22
Fate 2
Corruption 0
Insanity 9


Nihilius Attilas was borne to a noble family on a shrine world in the Segmentum Pacificus, raised in the Imperial faith and schooled in his duty to the God Emperor of Man. On his majority he was given a commission in the Imperial Guard, to bring honour to his family.
His first command was a honour guard for an Administratum visit to a feral world on the border of the Calixis Sector. Unknown to the arriving deputation was the world had gone over to the Ruinous Powers and had been mutated by the worship of them. The deputation was attacked at the official reception and there Lander destroyed. Nihilus managed to save most of his command and the Administratum officials, then went on to fight a sniper combat with the inhabitants until pick up could be arranged. At this time an Inquisitorial Strike ship came into orbit flowing a trail of corruption back to the planet. The Inquisitor took command of the situation and arranged for the pickup of the survivors. At the pickup point wile weighting for collection the remaining members of the Guard and Administratum officials came under attack from a large force of mutants. Nihilius was seriously injured and most of the honour guard killed only the timely arrival of the Inquisitorial Guard assault ships saved the them and the Administratum officials. Nihilius was transferred to the Inquisitorial ship as it had the better infirmary, wildest there the Inquisitor came to visit him where pledged his loyalty to the Inquisition. This was partly in thanks for his rescue and partly to make amends for this failure. Unbeknownst to Nihilus he had imprested the Inquisitor who had already had him transferred to the Inquisitorial Guard.
Nihilius last view of the planet of his failure was as a lifeless, sterile, rock in space as the Inquisitor had declared Exterminatus as the corruption ran to deep.
His first assignment for the Holy Orders was leading a sniper recon team to the planet Tranch where he was tasked with the removal of leaders and providing information on large band movement, his time there reinforced his hatred of mutants. Over the next 10 years he served with several groups of acolytes and many solo/small team kill missions.
He was tasked with taking out a rogue death cult in the hives of Fenksworld who were targeting those of the Noble blood lines. After killing all the members and their False Inquisitor leader. He was summoned to the Tricorn. With growing trepidation he was lead into the depths of the Tricorn. Where at last he was informed he was going to be debriefed on his last mission by Lord Inquisitor Caidin. To his amazement Lord Inquisitor Caidin was the Inquisitor who had save his life 10 years before, after a through debrief another figure appeared from the shadowed back of the room and confirmed the details of the mission and then gave Nihilius the offer of a place in the Vindicare Temple if he can survive his training. Nihilius agree to this so he may carry out the Emperor`s judgement. He is then taken to a ship in orbit and then to Holy Terra for training. After 10 years he has returned to the Calixis Sector, Nihilius Attilas no longer just Nihilius his family name a remnant of his former life cast away at the conclusion of this training. His first assailment is to accompany Inquisitor Isolde Xanatov mission to Landunder, he is pleased to be working with Isolde again as he respects her judgment from past missions.
Long las + telescopic sight
Bolt pistol + fire selector
Frag g 10
Krack g 10
Blind g 10
Photon flash 10
Blind 10
Hallucigion 10
Power blade
Power sword
10 air cans
Sacrad machine oil 4
Combi tool
Demo charge 5
Multi key
Stummers 10
Psy jammer amulet
Psy tracker
Nomad rifel + trlescopic sight + silencer + fire selector
Detcord 5
Limpet mine 10
Melta bomb 5
Inferno grenade 10
Stun g 10
Mk111 frag 10
5 clips bolt
5 clips inferno bolt
10 charge packs long laz
1 ammo box
3 exploves boxs
2 weapons box
35 clips nomad / 2 clips hyper-density pen
Stealth suit
Spy mask
Exitus rifle
Exitus pistol
1 *hellfire, shild-braker & turbo-penetrator
Mono knife


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