Death is her life.


Death Cultist
Age 21
Greyish skin
Black eyes
Black hair
Gaunt build (1.75m, 60kg)

Weapon Skill ~ ~ 62
Ballistic Skill ~ ~ 28
Strength ~ ~ ~ ~ 36
Toughness ~ ~ ~ 51
Agility ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 54 (+Unnatural Agility)
Intelligence ~ ~ ~ 36
Perception ~ ~ ~ 42
Willpower ~ ~ ~ 54
Fellowship ~ ~ ~ 25 (-5 with non-Void Borns, -5 at peaceful social interation)

HP ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 15
AC ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 3 in all areas
Fate Points ~ ~ 3
Insanity ~ ~ ~ ~ 36
Corruption ~ ~ 10
Movement ~ ~ ~ 5/10/15/30
Capacity ~ ~ ~ 56kg

If I’ve missed anything, let me know ;).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2x Best Quality Power Sword (7kg total), cost = free (Ascension gear)
10x Exterminator clip (10kg total), cost = 350 total
Photo contacts (0.5kg), cost = 100
Multikey, cost = 150
Rebreather (1kg), cost = 50
5x Stummer (10kg total), cost = 125
Rosarius (2kg), cost = technically free (25k but obtained in exchange for Ascension BQ Synskin)
Hardened Bodyglove with upgrades (10kg total), cost = 3400
Spider Pads (1kg), cost = 150
Backpack (1kg), cost = 10
Clip Harness (2kg), cost = 25
Infra-Red goggles (0.5kg), cost = 275

Total weight = 45kg
Starting cash = 5983
Total spent = 4685
Remaining cash = 1208

…I think.

Bodyglove stats copied and pasted over from Teamspeak chat, just here for reference…
Hardened Bodyglove (3400 total. 300 base, 600 for stealth hood, gives -20 to IR vision etc. 1000 for Camelioline coating, +20 to Concealment, count as 1 range bracket further away if stationary. 500 for Preysense Mask, +20 to Concealment vs IR systems. 1000 for Blur Field, -10 on all perception tests to notice you and attack you, but take +2 damage whenever someone hits you, Half Action to activate and lasts 2 minutes (24 rounds))

Atelia Marduk


Somewhere out there, in the blackness between the stars, a dark shadow stalks the void, its inner workings a mystery to all but those aboard. No-one visits this ship, no outsider ever boards it of their own free will. Occasionally, a select few may be brought aboard from their own damaged vessels, but their stay is relatively short. Of those who dwell aboard the ship, most never leave it, while a small number may do so for brief periods to board a nearby vessel, and even fewer are taken away from it in small shuttles which soon return.

This ship is the Umbral Lurker. Little is known of it – those few who see it do not do so for very long. Nor, in fact, do they tend to see anything else once this ship has shown itself. Those few words whispered of the Lurker are always accompanied by a sensation of dread. It is a dark spectre of the void, apparently doing what it can to maintain the reputation of the Void Born as chill strangers to everything familiar to those who dwell on the surface of planetary worlds.
Within the Lurker, unseen by outside eyes, life occurs as it does everywhere else – machines are maintained, engines run, orders are given, people eat, sleep, are born, and die.

Of those who are born aboard this ship, some are, of course, kept to perform tasks necessary for keeping the Lurker in good working order. But others…others have a very different upbringing.
From birth, these ones are chosen, brought into a life decided entirely by those around them. They know no love, no kindness, yet nor are they encouraged to display fear or anger. They are kept cold. In the coldness of space, the coldness of the bleak walls within which they are kept, these ones are trained. Programmed. They are brought up to do but two things.

They are raised to obey. And they are raised to kill.

The training, if training it can be called, is all they know. They are entirely obedient to those who command them to risk their lives constantly in tasks and tests intended to weed out those not suitable for their intended future lives – those who die are clearly unsuitable, and are portayed as examples of failure. To fail is to reveal weakness. To show emotion toward another person, or over a kill, is also weak. Emotions are not for the strong – emotions can cloud the mind, stand in the way of a kill. They are unnecessary.

Those few who survive their upbringing are deemed worthy to leave the Umbral Lurker in order to make use of their skills elsewhere in the galaxy. They leave the ship, for the first and final time, in a shuttle and are taken to a nearby Inquisitorial vessel with whom the Lurker has contacted and arranged a rendez-vous. Here, they are handed over to the Inquisition and taken away to finally begin their careers as fully-trained assassins.

Every now and then, like any other spacefaring vessel, the Lurker needs to resupply itself. It does this by waiting in the darkness for a passing cargo vessel (so long as that vessel does not belong to the Inquisition, naturally), and metaphorically pouncing on it and tearing out its insides, removing anything which may be useful – food, mechanical components, everything which might help maintain the efficiency of both the ship and its crew.

Crew members of the hapless cargo vessel may also be retained…for a time. The assassins’ training, after all, must be realistic if they are to be properly educated in the ways of ending the lives of others, but to turn the trainees on each other would be a waste of the ship’s only export. And so captured crew members are placed within the part of the ship used as the assassins’ training ground, often with weapons, and then left to the mercy of those who dwell there. Sometimes, one of the assassins will be slain, but sooner or later all of the “targets” are destroyed, one way or another.

It is doubtless that word of these destroyed cargo vessels reaches the ears of the Inquisition, but knowing which ship is responsible, and the value of the assassins which come from there, there is seen to be no reason to take offensive action. And thus the Umbral Lurker maintains its own existence, out in the darkness and with no allies to aid it, yet no enemies who would dare attempt to seek it out lest they join the gradually-growing list of those who’ve crossed the wrong part of space at precisely the wrong time.

The assassins, meanwhile, once they are taken from the Lurker, begin their lives under the command of whichever Inquisitor chooses them. Once an assassin has been chosen by an Inquisitor, he or she will be entirely loyal and obedient to that Inquisitor, as per their training, unless one of two things occurs – firstly, if their Inquisitor orders them to follow another, they will transfer their loyalty to the new Inquisitor. Secondly, if their Inquisitor should die, the assassin will desire proof of this, and if it is given, they will transfer their loyalty to whichever Inquisitor, basically, gets there first.

Though these assassins, like anyone else, are brought up to know of the God Emperor and to accept Him as the divine ruler of all mankind, they are also taught that different Inquisitors may interpret His will in different ways – it is not for the assassin to question, merely to obey, as per their training. Thus, no assassin of the Lurker is of an utterly puritanical mind – they obey the will of the Emperor as it manifests itself through their Inquisitor, since the latter, in effect, speaks and acts for the former.

Assassins trained in the Umbral Lurker do not have names – to have a name is to have an identity, and the assassins are taught that identities are largely meaningless – it is actions that show what a person truly is. People themselves are, in a way, similar to inanimate objects – they exist, for a time, and they can be seen, heard, touched, and destroyed. The only person of any significance to an assassin of the Umbral Lurker is that assassin’s Inquisitor – if that Inquisitor orders the assassin to kill someone, the assassin will give the task the highest priority until it is complete. Any others who might get in the way of the assassin are considered inconsequential and utterly disposable, unless the assassin has been told otherwise by the Inquisitor. Thus, it is possible for one of these assassins to work within a group of Inquisitorial agents, provided that assassin has been informed of the status of each member of the group and that killing them is strictly prohibited.

One such assassin has come to be known as “Shiver”. Assassins of the Lurker never choose such names for themselves – they are given by other people once the assassin has departed the Lurker. It seems only natural that someone so cold would inspire such an epithet – people would say that they’d get a shiver up their spine whenever she entered a room. She, like every other assassin who has survived their time aboard the Umbral Lurker, is cold – seemingly devoid of emotion. Like her fellow assassins, she views other humans as “things”. They exist, they can be spoken to, they are weak with emotion, and she receives frequent orders to dispose of them. Should she be “between contracts”, she spends her time mantaining her weapons, sharpening the blades and performing exercises to keep herself limber and fit, and to avoid being without thought – for someone trained only to obey orders to kill, to be without such orders is a status she much dislikes being in, for she knows of nothing else, no other way to be.

She has slain her way to her current status, obeying with precision the orders of whichever Inquisitor commands her. Her methods rely on the use of blades wielded at close range, preferably without the target’s knowledge (at least, until he or she experiences the sensation of a hand being clamped over their mouth and a blade pushed into their abdomen or sliced across their throat) – this method of killing is the method always taught aboard the Lurker, guns being considered unnecessarily noisy and messy, alongside the fact that it is considered much more satisfying to be able to come so close to the target and have them unaware of your presence until the moment the blade is driven home – though encouraged to believe they are incapable of experiencing any kind of emotion, something about the Lurker training means that these assassins desire the next kill because of the feeling they get when it is completed, though they do not recognise any such feeling in themselves. That so many people can be slain so easily once they’ve been crept up on is further proof of the weakness of such individuals.

The one known as “Shiver” has recently been placed under the command of the newly-made Inquisitor Isolde Xanatov, and will obey her every command in the unknown anticipation of the next kill. Shiver is aware of the other members of the group – they have hunted together before, and she has reason to find them all useful. This is, perhaps, about the highest view an assassin of the Lurker can have of someone – the only other two views they seem to have (at least of non-Inquisitors) are “target” and “inconsequential”.

Shiver is still quite young, only 21 years old, yet she has killed innumerable victims during her comparatively short lifetime. She has greyish skin, black hair and black eyes which, some say, reflect the blackness of her soul. She is gaunt in stature, standing at 1.75m tall and weighing a relatively light 60kg. Another notable characteristic is that she has rather long fingers. She is very rarely seen to portray any emotion whatsoever, and has no qualms about killing someone simply because they’re standing in her way (unless previously ordered not to).


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