Uriah Cain


HP : 18
WS : 31
BS : 48
S : 33
T : 44
AG : 31
INT : 33
PER : 44
WP : 44
FEL : 60


Best Craft Combat Shotguns with Fire Selector and red dot selector
Good Craft Bolt Pistol with red dot selector
Power Maul

18 Exicutioner rounds
50 bolt rounds

Judge Carapace

Multi Key
Good Craft Photo visor
micro bead
5 Hallucinogen grenades
5 Photo Flashes
2 Lamp packs
Excruciator kit
Re-Breather with 2 replacement cannisters
Las Cutter
Badge of office
Arbite Badge
Back Pack


Due to being born a mutant, growing up Uriah grew accustom to resentment and prejudice from his peers in Enlil. Though instead of letting this get the better of him, it only helped to strengthen his resolve and he learned to rely on himself rather then others. Joining the Arbitrators at the age
of 20 little had changed; his fellow arbitrators either not knowing of his mutations or shunning him. Using his own skills and talents he was able to move up the ranks of the arbitrators though being a mutant his career seemed limited.

Though help came in the form of the Inquisition who saw the talent of young 28 year old Uriah and with their backing he was promoted to the rank of Judge. Doing missions for the Inquisitions what ever they may be fills Uriah with a sense of self satisfaction knowing that what he does has meaning and acknowledgement, something that was lacking for most of his life. Having being found by the inquisition Uriah has found a new lease on life he is willing to die for his newly found ‘home’ though is reluctant to do so in any meaningless way.

Being a mutant Uriah has first hand experience of the problems they face in society and desires to help his fellow mutants escape from this horrible existence.He also desires to bring justice in the name of the inquisition to toughs whom require it weather or not they are a mutant.

Uriah Cain

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