Xilinx Hex

Adeptus Mechanicus Liason to Isolde Xanatov. A staunch tech-puritan and master of the technologies of war.


WS (4)0
BS (4)5
S (4)4
T (6)6
Ag (4)1
Int (5*)1 (5* – Unnatural x 2 = Int Bonus 10)
Per (4)0
WP (4)3
Fel (1)6

Wounds: 20
Fate: 2
Corruption: 8
Insanity: 0

Character Sheet


Xilinx Hex was reborn 120 years ago, with the eradication of his flesh memories. His technological achievements, and the events leading to his ascension to the rank of Magos within the Order Sollex remain, burned into sacred mem-engrams hard-wired into the vestigial traces of organic matter in his cranium. To some this would be a punishment, but to Hex it was a step towards becoming one with the Omnissiah.

Since his first days constructing practice pistols and observing the sacred rites of transcription and error checking, Xilinx had been taught that there is no loftier goal for the aspiring Techpriest, than to become one with the sum knowledge of their order. Usually these lessons came in the form of chastisement for some minor oversight in a syntax correction, or a stutter during an incantation of activation, but such minutiae have long since been purged from Hex’s thought’s. The lessons remain, and the sentimental weakness that would normally accompany them has been peeled away surgically.

Once he had earned his place within the priesthood, Xilinx became a student of an ageing cantankerous man-machine known as Versh Parablis. Not a native of the Lathe worlds, Parablis brought stories of the forges of Mars, the heritage of the Adeptus Mechanicus and a fierce dislike for anything that didn’t conform to the holy patterns of the Omnissiah. They would never become friends, indeed by this time Hex’s emotions were atrophying under the growing number of augmetics he had manufactured and woven into his own body, but he remained in communication with his mentor even when he was released as his own master into the complex, ritualistic world of the Cult Mechanicus. It was news of Versh’s ascension at the temple of the Omnissiah that sparked the desire to also commit his cortex to the Temple Forge within Hex.

This desire for knowledge was not without vision. Hex knew that there were dark secrets that would drive a normal man insane, even one as augmented as he. Dark powers and heretech from the past would conspire against his mission, and the only way to provide himself with a measure of protection from these horrors just so happened to also be a step towards his goal. Submitting a petition to Magos Biologis Gelthar, a noted scholar in the weakness of flesh, Hex sought a way to remove the weakness of the organic brain. This would allow him to harness the raw computing power of the organ, without compassion, sentimentality or desire beyond the purity of the machine.

Decades passed while he toiled in the munitorum factories, admonishing aspirants to the preisthood for their laxity, instilling the mind-numbing repetition and humility that develops keen minds for searching for the progress of past generations. Thirty two years after the submission of his petition for mind-cleansing, the arcane beaurocracy of the Lathe worlds finally processed it, and Gelthar himself took Hex under the scalpel.

The years following showed the brilliance that lay underneath the troubles of the mortal man who had once felt as other men do. His original name was cast to the fires, along with all record of his pre-Mechanicus and superfluous actions beyond contributions to the Cult. Renamed Xilinx Hex, a blessed union of ancient and venerable Mechanicus terms of machine spirit pacification and codification, he turned his formidable intelligence, now greatly augmented with a mind more machine than organic, towards the production of armour and weapons. As man;s future was ensured by the death of the heretic, the xenos and those from beyond the veil, so too was Hex’s mission advanced by rediscovering and returning to working order, the technologies of the past that had held the forces arrayed against humanity at bay.

His devotion to the Cult, purity of purpose, and obsession with rediscovering the devices mankind needs to ensure it’s survival have resulted in Hex being seconded to the Inquisition by his superiors in the Order Sollex more than once. Most notably was his participation in the purging of the Cerebrex Prime of the Koronus Expanse.

A Rogue Trader vessel had returned from the reaches of the Expanse eerily lifeless, only onboard cogitator systems requesting permission to dock as the cruiser automatically moved in-system at Port Wander. Upon boarding the vessel, local forces were waylaid by the crew, horrifically changed into shambling hybrids of razor-sharp steel and hideous cranial implants. The vessel was quarantined and the Cult Mechanicus and Inquisition became involved in the investigation. The first Techpreists to attempt to remotely connect to the ship’s cogitators were overun by scrapcode, turning on their attending novitiates and attempting to spread the cybernetic infection to the Port’s life support systems.

Xilinx himself, overseeing the procedure, but not connected to the vessel himself, stopped them. The first two of the three infected priests fell to his hellpistol mechadendrite in small order, the holy light of his blessed weapon punching clean, cauterised holes in their torsos, severing them from their potentia coils. The third managed to close on him, and severed his remaining organic arm at the elbow. Any normal man would have been felled by such a blow, but the nano-technology bound to his bloodstream cauterised the wound easily, allowing him to crush the face of his assailant with a blow from his servo-arm. Injured, but alive, Hex was found by agents of the Inquisition who on his orders, incinerated the remains of his brethren and set charges to destroy all electronics in the affected room. Charges were then set upon the hull of the Rogue Trader vessel as it was guided out of system, breaking it into tiny fragments which were then consumed by the local star.

The next decade was spent accompanying the Vostroyan First Born 45th regiment in the purging of the corrupted Forge World of Cerebrex Prime, a world gone mad with tech-heresy. Many savage battles further reinforced Hex’s deep seated hatred of tech-perversions and the crime of innovation. Finally, the true face of the enemy was revealed, an abomination for which the world has since been named. Deep in the past of the long lost world, an entity known as the Cerebrex had been created as an intelligent repository of information. As it grew in knowledge, it started to become sentient, and the Priesthood of the world, knowing that such devices were heresy, sought to destroy it. The vessel containing the Cerebrex was destroyed, but it had commited itself to a form of scrapcode that infected systems with stealth, and remained dormant for centuries, slowly perverting other intelligent systems and even augmented minds.

Hex’s name was committed to the roll of honour for the campaign, on behalf of the Ordo Hereticus, for developing software counter measures that cleansed the infection from machine spirits and cybernetically enhanced individuals, consuming them in blessed fire as their power sources and distribution systems rebelled against the heresy they had become party to. A final sanction of Exterminatus was finally ordered by the over-seeing Inquisitor (whose name remains classified) after the Cerebrex seemed to develop defences against the software assault. Although the blockade was near-solid, rumours of small vessels escaping under their own power abounded in hushed whispers throughout the officer echelons of the fleet, but such rumours were never confirmed. For his pains, efforts and success, Xilinx Hex was lauded as an Imperial Hero, in archives never to be seen by those outside the Inquisition. Without sentimentality or pride to chafe against such restrictions, Hex was pleased to see the heresy of the Cerebrex purged.

Ten years hence, Xilinx Hex has been sent forth once more, refitted and more heavily augmented after a lengthy purification period, to assist the investigations of Isolde and her party. His experience at-arms, his sheer resilience, clad as he is in blessed adamantine plate and his technological supremacy ensure that his contribution is manifold. As an individual that can comprehend a fraction of knowledge that would scour the minds of mortal men, he is indispensable.

Xilinx Hex

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