Weird Warp Field Thingy

Metal, warp-field generator thingy


~Apparently some kind of neck-worn item, this object is made of metal.
~It seems able to generate some kind of anti-warp-field thingy.
~Messing around with it causes some kind of flash of light, which can cause Corruption in those nearby.
~It also has several symbols etched into it (or written on it?), apparently in some kind of ancient, unknown-to-modern-scholars alphabet. Their meaning has so far not been discerned.
~It appears that, when worn, it permits the wearer to communicate with the strange metal “skeletons” found in a cave beneath some catacombs at one of the possible Shamash sites – they seem to heed commands which are given with sufficient authority, but respond with anger to those commands that aren’t.


The object was found in a shallow stream of some kind of chemical, in some kind of maintenance/sewer-way in one of the lower levels of Hive Marduk. How it got there is unknown, nor how long it had been there before it was discovered by Shiver, Isolde, and Xilinx.

Weird Warp Field Thingy

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