Let the Jackals Feed

Outside the meeting room.
  • Meeting with various after-talks meetings.
  • Lazerus & Xerxes contacted Isolde, mentioning that there is a no-mans land between the two that is harbouring the “infected”.
  • Atelia conversed with Xilinx, making it clear that infected are being re-purposed to act as servitors.
  • Uriah introduced, getting up to speed with the group.
  • Explosions across the mansion.
  • Ferrus found to be infected, dubious of infection.
  • Fallback to the Huntsman.
  • Hunstmans servitors infected, problematic, unable to contain the infection.
  • Fallback to the mansion again, Lazerus, Xerxes and Cortez in hand.
  • Xilinx communed with the Huntsman’s machine spirit, convincing it to self-destruct, leaving Xilinx exhausted.
  • Ishmael and Uriah to investigate the Great Librarium at Ea.
  • Isolde, Xilinx and Shiver to investigate Hive Marduk.
  • Nihilus to investigate populous communication, currently, on Hive Enlil.
The Prologue - Over Landunder
Final Char Gen & Prologue Requisition
  • Char Gen is Completed.
  • Requisition for the Prologue is complete.
Char Development Cont.

Further character development, left to do:
> Finances
> Small wrap-up, history and the like.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!
Character Discussions

Week #1:

Character discussion, campaign introduction, and initial layout for prologue.


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